Monday, February 4, 2013

The Letter H -- Family History Through The Alphabet

The Letter H

H can be for Haka, Happy, Home, Honorable, Humble, Healing, Hungry…

I was blessed to be raised in a Happy Home we were taught to Humbly live a life Hungry to be Honorable – – an environment that was soothing and Healing as one faced the dangers and heartache of growing up.

Today I would like to dedicate letter H to Henry Hixon Hamon, my grandfather. Grandpa Hamon was born – – 1900, in – – New Zealand. Henry Hixon was the great-grandson of Tunewha (toon-ee-fa) one of the great Maori chiefs during the Maori Wars with the British over misappropriated lands.

He was a man of great faith and I have to believe that the spiritual giant my father is has a lot to do with his father and their forefathers and mothers.

Henry Hixon and Edithe Violet had 12 children survive. A cousin in Australia told me that my grandparents had a way of nurturing their children such, that every one of them were convinced that they were their parents favorite.

I was about 12 years old and we were living in Calgary Alberta, Canada. All my life I'd heard about my grandpa Henry Hixon Hamon– and what a great man he was.

I had met him in New Zealand when I was about two years old and had no recollection of him or grandma who passed away in 1970 when I was 10.

Again, around the time I was 12 I got an insatiable hunger to meet my grandfather --but it looked like I might never have that opportunity in this life. I couldn't shake the feeling and took to praying about it--every night for three years I prayed that I would get to meet him.

Then when I was 15 years old we got the news that the family in New Zealand was sending grandpa over to spend a month with us. To this day reflecting on that experience warms me all over.

I had a nice transistor radio I really enjoyed and I gave it to grandpa to remember me by. About six years later my sister got to spend a year in New Zealand. She would tell me how grandpa loved that little radio and listened to it all the time. Grandpa Hamon died in 1987 in New Zealand– – but he walks with me still.

Family members in the photo--thank you Sarah Chapman for providing this beuatiful picture
Michelle Chapman, Kirsty Chapman, Bruce Chapman, Josh Chapman-Bradshaw, Brylee Chapman-Ramsay, Grace, and Sarah Chapman

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