Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Letter F---Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge

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The Letter F

When I think of The letter F I think of the words faith, family and friends as well as fun.

Every family member past, present and future has had some type of impact on me. 

I am made up of little parts of every member of my family tree, the sum of the parts is more than the whole. I am the culmination of every generation of my family.

Family has a lot to do with faith---faith in a higher being, faith in values, faith in people/society, and faith in oneself. 

As you contemplate your past, present and future family, ask yourself---what do I want my family now to become, to believe, and how can I effect that.

As a child everything revolves around family, it's where you get your physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment---it's your center. 

As you get older around teenage-hood, friends and society become so important. It's funny how life has a way of doing circles; as you get older, you go back to the first place you got your nourishment and better realize the value and strength of family. 

It's important to point out here that it's ok if you have not always had a good family, because you can create your own....not all good people came from good families. Family can be defined many different ways too:
Little Family Fun: F is for FAMILY

Not all families look alike, some have one parent, some families are extended family, some are not even related, some friends become like family, whatever the case, a sense a family is important in every life.

 Kelly Hamon

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Gould Genealogy said...

I love your post, and 'families' are not strictly blood relatives anymore.

The bit about your reli's before you (all of them) making you who you are is something that I'm often saying ;-)