Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Letter E---Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge

The Letter E
Hmmm - The Letter E is for Elephant, Earth, Eggs, Eggplant, Eagle, Edward, Eskimo, Elk, and so forth.

All said though, my favorite letter E: word/object/animal is elephant, I mean who doesn't like elephants.            

Somewhere a long the line I began to collect elephants - figurines of course. I have a small, choice collection - not every elephant can join my collection, they have to be very special. 

They are such majestic animals with many human like characteristics
Adults Rescuing a drowning baby Elephant

One of my friends, that's deaf told me that when she was young her brother would tease her and say she had Elephant Shoes. To a deaf person who is reading lips, "elephant shoes" looks like "I love you", go to your mirror and check it out, and be sure not to say 'elephant shoes" to a deaf person, unless you mean it :)  

One of my adopted sisters gave me a necklace that has an elephant on it, I adore it, not just because it has an elephant on it, but because it was from her and she knows who I am and understands me---I believe that's what family is all about, that and liking each other even though we do see each others flaws and foibles.

Well to bring it back to a genealogical perspective, The Letter E is for Edward Baron who was my grandfather on my father's side. He was born the 5th of April 1912 and Died the 22nd of January 1992 at Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States and was buried in St. Stanislaus cemetery

I didn't know much about him other than he was my grandfather and his folks names were John Baran and Anna Jaskier from Austria. The lone documentation I've been able to find is a census record. The only way I knew what his folks names were was due to an interview I had with his brother Walter several years ago, just before Walter died.

I don't know this side of the family due to my mother and father's divorce when I was 4. After the divorce I didn't see my father except for the odd visit he would make on birthdays. I've come to realize in my own life as well as other people's that a family works best when all the members are an active part of it.

Elephant Shoes
Kelly Hamon


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Gould Genealogy said...

I love the tie-in to your love of elephants, it's lovely. And I do love that little video as well, though is a little sad.

And I wish you all the very best with looking for more records on your grandpa. I can tell that it'll be an exciting day when you do find something ... Happy Dancing all week long!