Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Letter B---Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge

The Letter B
I chose this picture of the letter B because some times doing family history is like a maze, you never know what's just around the next turn.
One of the turns I took looking for this relative was searching the internet for information and serendipitously finding pictures of family grave stones on a great web site called

The Letter B is for Burger. My 6th great grandfather's name was Zachariah Burger. Zachariah lived from 1761 to 1836 and was buried  in Terpenning Family Ground Cemetery,   Esopus, Ulster Co., New York. 

With a little googling I learned that he had fought in the Revolutionary War, an exciting discovery for a patriotic American 

I am grateful to live in a country where I can practice my religion freely, speak freely, and enjoy an element of security from tyrannical rule. I have always admired the founding father's for having the strength to fight for their liberties, as well as all those who have paid for our freedoms with their blood

Freedoms I partake of daily. Finding that one of my relatives fought in the Revolutionary War made my heart well with pride. Made me want sing - Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" and wave a flag.

When I think of the insurmountable challenges Zachariah Burger and those who have fought to keep America free faced and overcame- I find myself looking at my trials differently because I know if I am brave and stand up for what is right - freedom can survive and thrive. 

The letter B leaves me proud of my country, freedoms, and family.

Kelly Hamon


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Gould Genealogy said...

Wow, from the discovery of a headstone photo to finding out he was in the Revolutionary War - that's quite a find. And I can understand your patriotism.