Monday, December 24, 2012

The Letter A---Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge


The Letter A

This kind of reminds me of Sesame Street, when they would say "and the letter today is" and "brought to you by the letter..." then they would have all kinds of things that began with that letter--it was fun as a child thinking about all the things that day that began with that letter.

It also reminds me of a game that I made up when I was taking a trip up to Toronto to get tickets for Phantom of the Opera with a friend of mine---he wanted to be more than friends and I felt a bit uncomfortable on the drive back home so I made up the game I called The Alphabet game. Every one (if you have more than 2 people in the vehicle it makes it fun) in the car in turn has to say one word that begins with the beginning letter, which we all know is A, none of the words can be the same, and when some one can't think of a word they loss the round and need to move on to the next letter---you keep on playing until the last letter. It's a great distraction and that's what I needed on my trip home.

As for our alphabet challenge it's not to distract but have some fun with family history.

When I think of the letter A and family history I think of one of my  great grandmother's Augusta Meyer.

Augusta Meyer was born February 1872 in Germany she married one of my great grandfathers (Charles Witt)  in 1894 in America and had 7 children.

I've found a couple US Census records with her and her family
US Census 1900
US Census 1910

I get so excited when I find records about my family, because it makes them more real to me, not just people on my family tree or a pedigree chart, but real people who lived, breathed, wept, loved and laughed just like me----that are a part of me even though I may have never known them.

According to one of the census records she was called Gusty, I really like that, Gusty has a ring to it, it makes her seem to me a bit whimsical. Maybe it was a childhood nickname or maybe her sweetheart, my great grandfather called her that in way of affection. I believe one day I will be able to ask her.

Kelly Hamon


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Gould Genealogy said...

Love that alphabet game you mention, it sounds perfect for car trips. And to find that your great grandmother was called 'Gutsy' I think is awesome, and probably gives a peek into her character.