Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writing my Gramma's Eulogy

Her sister and my gram
How To Write A Eulogy---some times you become part of the family history in the making

Sunday January 20, 2013 at 10:51pm my Gramma Witt, (Bessie Marie Kersten Witt) passed away. 

About a year ago my mom asked me to write gram's eulogy.

I remember Stephen R. Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People saying that each person should sit down and close their eyes and image their funeral and who would be there and than write their own eulogy---boy do I wish gram had done this and had given it to me, than this task would be a great easier.

I've been thinking for a long time about how to write grams eulogy, not quite knowing what to do or say. So in 2012 I created a blog full of memories that I had of her--to celebrate her life. This is the blog Gramma Witt Blog. Still not quite sure what to write, I turned to old Aunt Netty (what my husband calls the internet) to ask her what she knew about eulogies

I found a great website that systematically listed the steps of writing one
1. Collect information from others
2. Gather your memories
3. Organize your information
4. Write the eulogy
5. Rehearse your speech
6. Deliver your eulogy 

Seems nice and easy, doesn't it? Well for me I wouldn't need to do step 5 nor 6 because I live in Southern Alberta with my husband and as of right now, I am still considered a visitor and as such I am not guaranteed admittance back into the country if I leave. So to play it safe, I haven't left Canada since we've moved here.  Truth be told, besides not being able to leave with an guarantee of getting back in to live with my sweetheart, we don't really have the money. 

So someone else will be delivering the eulogy for me.

So I liked what I read about the nice easy steps, but I needed a little more suggestions about specifically writing one for gram and the web site just so happened had that too---more like an outline
1. Introduction--welcoming and thanking family, friends and visitors for coming to the event and tell them who you are
2. Share personal memories
3. What were some of grams favorite things
4. How she influenced my life--lessons I learned from her
5. Expressing how much you, her family and friends will miss her---include a favorite poem, hymn...etc
6. Talk about how she will continue to live in every ones memories

After my gram passed on I volunteered to call some of the close friends and family to tell them the viewing, funeral, and burial schedule. I just wanted to feel like I was a part of some thing, so I didn't feel as helpless as I was. The interesting part of doing this task was that it was healing to speak to her friends. 

When I called each one of them, they shared with me some kind of memory of my gram that endeared her to them. Some of the memories were funny and some others were just informative and interesting.


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