Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Steps to Preserving Your Family History with a Digital Family Scrapbook

Solve your photo problem! 
Taking photos has never been easier. But what do we do with all of our digital images? And who gets to see them? At Heritage Makers, we help people preserve, share and celebrate their photos with easy-to-use online software called "Studio." With Studio, you can rescue the photos on your computer and create amazing projects that your friends and family will love and that you will be proud to share. Whether you choose to publish a professionally bound book, a personalized greeting card or a gorgeous, wrapped canvas print; you will love creating photo keepsakes with Heritage Makers.

1. Find all your family pictures--other family members may have some too

If you have some one in your family that will only allow you to look at their family pictures but wouldn't them leave their home, bring your Flip Pal ("Portable Affordable Scanner") to their home and scan the pictures/documents

2. Choose the best pictures that tell the story of your family---not just pictures of scenery or half head shoots

3. Put your pictures in order

4. Scan your photos/documents to your computer--this is where owning a Flip Pal really comes in handy

5. Go to Heritage Makers create a free account and choose from their easy to use templates or create your own on their site

Search the amazing collection of ready-to-use templates by keyword, project type, or general category. Or, start from scratch and create a masterpiece of your own! 

6. Upload your photos/documents to Heritage Makers, free account, place your photos on the templates

Add your photos and text. 

Enjoy unlimited customization! Place your photos wherever you like, personalize the text and add your choice of embellishments from our extensive digital library.

Press 'Publish.' When you've got your project just the way you want it, press the publish button and sit back and wait for happiness to be delivered to your door

7. Smile when your finished product comes directly to your door and when your family members open the Digital Family Scrapbook and say "did you really make that yourself"

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